The Baroque Ball

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The Baroque Ball of the Dashing Duke featuring Royals & Rogues at the Palazza di Venezia. 7. April, 2018.

The duke invites you to his palace in beautiful Venice. He and the Duchess are holding a baroque ball, with stunning costumes and endless intrigue. The only catch? To gain entrance to the ball, you must entertain the Duke, Duchess, and their guests - and all guests have the same requirement, so the question is, what will you do?

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More about the theme:
Royals romance rogues, and unique and extraordinary circumstances present themselves around each turn of the palace's halls. Within the palace walls, gold and silver drip from the ceilings, and skirts are ruffled as strangers pass. Who is beneath the mask? The bravest go without masks. Unmasked is in.

Extravagant hats are paired with exquisite ball gowns, silk waistcoats, and patterned trousers. Jesters display a rainbow of colours as they trick or treat the guests, and courtesans flirtatiously greet the most esteemed, or the most adventurous in the crowd. A strict dresscode is in effect - and entry is only gained if you are outlandish and crazy in your attire!

You simply can't guess what you'll see next, a performance by a daring burlesque diva? A feat of acrobatics by the royal contortionists? A concert, so beautiful, it brings tears to your eyes? You'll have to join us to find out. See you on the 7. April, 2018 at Damhuskroen, the Palazza di Venezia for this one night only!

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Damhuskroens historie går tilbage til første fjerdedel af 1600-tallet, hvor Christian 4. gav....

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